Directly to Brother Bit, Bitcast, should Bitcoin holders continue to wait or what should I do?


gambling It’s everywhere, but it’s not an asset problem. the person who enters Because Asset (Asset) is just its own thing. But it’s people who can’t restrain themselves. Let’s not just talk about Bitcoin. Football is gambling, so I think we have to separate things. because what happened was If the reason we go in is because of gambling The result of playing will come out like that.

SPRiNG : If you don’t look at gambling The moment when the crypto price fell sharply Is it an opportunity to buy spoons?

P’ Bit: I don’t want the answer to be Financial Advice because the crypto market is very risky. I would like to give advice to people who are going to invest in crypto: To look at it as taking a course is better. It will be the easiest thing to do.

I mean, we paid I didn’t get my money back. But we gain experience and knowledge. If we think like this, when we allocate (allocate), we will allocate the investment. Will not sell the house, sell the car to buy. I wish I had a mindset like that first.

and if the stock falls Someone he has cash and he has a plan. At this point, it may be seen that you have to buy. That is, when can we find Under Value? If not during a crisis, if the Bitcoin price goes down, take the excess of 30% and buy it. There is no way that the money will run out of the port. But we can buy more or less. That’s all.

SPRiNG : Mindset is good, but sometimes can’t hold back damage. Like what happened to the LUNA coin?

P’ Bit : Personally, the world of Digital Asset (Digital assets) is divided into 2 parts: Bitcoin with Altcoin or other non-Bitcoin coins, which the way of thinking of these two groups think differently. Bitcoin is a straightforward coin. As for other coins, there will be both intended to do. or that is force majeure

The case for LUNA coin lies in the world of DeFi (Decentralize Finance) that takes advantage of algorithms or programming. But if we really look at each other LUNA is still in the experimental stage. But people seriously think that It’s a real thing, even though it hasn’t been proven a lot. And when it was attacked, I could see that there was a problem.

I want everyone to be aware that What is new technology is like scientists find minerals. He was experimenting with What does this mineral do? If we put our best in it, it’s a risk. because in the end it might Can’t commercialize, that is, a product that can’t even be used in real life. must be careful here

SPRiNG : In short, entering the crypto market. must be prepared to lose in order to learn first But how much will it cost? What factors are involved?

P’ Bit: I have to say that it’s really an acceptable loss ratio. Because I’ve been through experience, even cut 10% of the port to the moment when its value goes down. Let’s say one million to a hundred thousand. Seriously, your heart can’t take it. When the market is up, it’s all good. But when the market shrinks I’m sorry to meet myself Be careful with both mindset and investment plans. need a good plan because of these Ultimately, we compete with our own feelings.

Some people go to borrow money to play. not recommended Investing like this will cause us to be squeezed in many things. because they will have to bear the interest Then we will be squeezed in two directions. Isn’t it the only way? And finally, if we buy vignettes It will make us run out of laps.

If anyone has bought all their crypto, Struggle has to come back and look at our method. Not to look at assets that are not good, but to review that our investment process Is it not working as it should be?

SPRiNG : Ask for advice for people whose wallets have already been torn. But would like to continue investing in crypto.

P’ Bit : Advice that can be told, for example, if the coin price goes down Take the excess profit and buy it. There is no way that the money will run out of the portfolio, that is, I think that investments are like “eggs”. We can’t put them in one basket. I always say that when you get interest, you have to take it out to other systems as well. It will not be very traumatized. because you will just fall don’t die in the market And there will be more people leaving the market.

I actually know a lot about technical stuff. not a trading line But there are often people who ask what to do next. Most of them ask because they want a formula for success. which it is not have to ask again Have you reviewed yourself? whether it is correct or not Is there a bug? Can I improve anything? Then you will know what to do. to stop or what to do next

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SPRiNG : When the Crypto Crisis Overlaps with the Global Economic Crisis have other opportunities or careers Can you do anything else, such as a crypto investment advisor?

P’ Bit : I think it’s difficult to be a consultant. We don’t know that Where will our money go? is it true I think it’s better to invest in the fund. As for the profession, a developer who designed the system to be used with a business. It will be more useful or career creator Create work and get paid It would be more useful, like NFT’s work. Bored Ape Yacht Club It dropped the Floor Price (lowest price level). Good work still dropped the Floor Price, so it’s an opportunity. If you can find a channel no matter what situation

Oh…I sell hardware wallets too. Surprisingly, there are more orders coming in. There are people who wait for the price to drop and buy hardware wallets to collect. You see…in the market, there will be people who collect and leave the market. with people who see it as an opportunity and come in when people are scared We have to choose what kind of person we are.

SPRiNG : Ends with the personal view ofBrother Bittowards survival in the marketcrypto

P’ Bit : My mindset coming into the crypto market. I didn’t come in because I hoped to get rich. But I came in to accumulate wealth. It’s different. We want other people’s money. But if we come in to accumulate wealth We will save ourselves. Different mindsets here have different methods.

Finally, I would like to review that What do you want from this market? and to encourage everyone to learn and not be discouraged If you fall and get up, you can run.


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