One death sentence, 3 life sentences in rape and murder case

The court sentenced one person to death and three others to life imprisonment for the gang-rape and murder of a teenage girl in Shariatpur’s Damudya. At the same time, each of the accused has been fined two lakh taka, in default of which six months imprisonment has been imposed.

Judge Swapan Kumar Sarkar of Shariatpur Women and Child Torture Prevention Tribunal gave the verdict at 2 pm on Wednesday (June 7).

Babu Chowkidar (25), who was sentenced to death in the verdict, is the son of Tajul Chowkidar of Bara Naogaon village of Damudya upazila of Shariatpur. The lifers are Jewel Khan (19) son of Azgar Ali Khan of Bara Naogaon village of Damudya upazila, Farooq Sardar (22) son of deceased Bachchu Sardar and Tanvir Hossain Shamim (22) son of Badshah Mia Sardar of Char Voira village.

According to the statement of the case, on October 21, 2020, after the girl disappeared from her house in Kulkuri village of Damudya upazila, her body was found with her hands and feet tied in the canal next to the house. The girl’s father filed a case at the Damudya police station on October 23 of that year. Later the police arrested the accused.

The plaintiff in the case said, we are very happy and satisfied with the verdict given by the court. We want this judgment to be implemented quickly. My daughter’s soul will rest in peace if the verdict is executed quickly. And if there is a verdict like this in every case of rape, the cases of rape will decrease in our society.


However, the mother of accused Tanveer Ahmed Shamim, sentenced to life, said that my son did not confess. We will go to the high court, there justice will be ensured.

Defendant’s lawyer Shah Alam said, in fact, my client has been deprived of justice. We will appeal to the higher court for justice in this case. Hopefully, we will get a fair trial.

The lawyer for the state, Feroz Ahmed, said that earlier the accused had given a statement in the court describing the rape and admitting their responsibility. The court gave this verdict today after observation. We are satisfied with this judgment. If such proper punishment is applied, incidents like rape will be reduced.


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