Gyuri Park reveals her health routine after experiencing brain hemorrhage (Free Dr. M)

Singer Gyuri Park showed off her special health routine after a brain hemorrhage.

Gyuri Park appeared on the tvN entertainment program ‘Free Doctor M’, which was broadcast at 9 am on the 6th.

Gyuri Park, who appeared as a guest on this day, made a surprise announcement to viewers by creating her own routine while concentrating on her health after suffering a brain hemorrhage 7 years ago.

Park Gyuri shared her experience of experiencing a brain hemorrhage in the past after hiking with her mother. During class, he suddenly collapsed from a severe headache, and after a hospital CT scan, he was diagnosed with cerebral hemorrhage and was shocked.

Then, Park Gyuri released a CT scan of her brain hemorrhage 7 years ago, reminding her of the importance of health by notifying that her vision was temporarily darkened due to a problem in the occipital lobe of the optic nerve. Since then, Gyuri Park, who has kept the golden time and recovered without major aftereffects, is now in good health, and revealed her own routine at home.

Park Gyuri revealed how to develop a sense of balance in exercise on a gym ball, eating beef broth after making kimchi with her mother, and drinking gua gum hydrolyzate with her family, revealing health secrets that viewers can take care of together.

Gyuri Park, who met viewers through ‘Free Doctor M’, plans to communicate through various broadcasts in the future.

iMBC Seunghoon Baek | Screen capture tvN ‘Free Doctor M’

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